Tohoku University will host several exchange programs for the 2016-2017 academic year.

  • JYPE – Tohoku University Junior Year Program in English

The core (required) course of this program is the Individual Research Training course. The student will research a current topic that is related to his/her field of study with the support of the research group to which the student is assigned.

The program also offers courses on language, culture and society, aimed at promoting understanding of Japanese
language and social customs. Cultural and intellectual exchange with professors and students is an integral part of this program and will be accomplished through class work as well as participation in the research group activities.

Duration September – August (Also available for 1 semester only)
Eligibility Junior Year (Third year of four-year course or final year of three-year course)
Fields Science, Engineering, Agricultural studies
Credits 13 credits or more, including 5 credits from their faculty’s Individual Research Training course each semester.
Launguage English
  • IPLA – Tohoku University International Program in Liberal Arts

IPLA provides an opportunity for students at our partner institutions to study a variety of Liberal Arts classes taught in English, including Economics, Management, Education and Literature at Tohoku University.

The program also offers language and culture classes in order to assist students in understanding Japanese language and customs. In addition to these classes, participating students will take liberal arts and social science classes offered in English. Students who have attained adequate Japanese proficiency may take advanced language classes taught in Japanese or regular classes with Japanese students.Cultural and intellectual exchange with Japanese students is an important part of the program and is achieved through group activities and interaction with local Japanese students, both in classes and in extracurricular activities.

Duration September – August (Also available for 1 semester only)
Eligibility Sophomore Year, Third Year
Fields Economics, Management, Education, Literature, Agricultural Economics, Law
Credits 13 credits or more each semester.
Launguage English
  • DEEP – Direct Enrollment Education Programs
Duration October to August (Also available for 1 semester only)
Eligibility Undergraduate and graduate students
Fields All fields of study
Outline In this program, students study or conduct research at a department assigned to them depending on their field of study/study plan. Students from universities with department level agreements with Tohoku University are not eligible to join the DEEP program.
  1. Special Auditing Student (Undergraduate or graduate students)
    Students join the regular courses offered in each department or graduate school, where the lectures are mostly given in Japanese. Therefore they are required to provide evidence of proficiency in Japanese, such as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level N1 or equivalent certification of Japanese proficiency issued by the student’s home university. The certificate(s) should be submitted at the time of application.
  2. Special Research Student (Graduate students only)
    Students engage in research activities under the supervision of an academic advisor at Tohoku University. They are not always required to provide evidence of proficiency in Japanese, especially in the field of natural science. If the student’s academic advisor agrees to supervise in English, the student will not be required to show proficiency in Japanese.
Launguage English and Japanese
  • COLABS – Cooperative Laboratory Study Program
Duration September – August (Also available for 1 semester only)
Eligibility Graduate (Preferably Master level)
Fields All Natural Sciences (including Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy)
Outline Though COLABS students are not graduate-level degree candidates at Tohoku University, a similar experience is offered by special arrangement. They can experience high-quality “real” research in the natural science fields.
Program COLABS is a graduate-level research oriented program which offers an opportunity for international students from partner universities to take scientific research training in the assigned research laboratory as well as to take basic education courses taught in English at Tohoku University. COLABS offers a wide range of research topics in all fields of natural science and students are encouraged to conduct their research in new, interdisciplinary, scientific fields.
Credits 30 ECTS equivalent credits (750 school hours) or more each semester.
Launguage English

Required Documents:

  1. Statement of Purpose / Study Plan : [Download: JYPEIPLADEEPCOLABS]
  2. Official Academic Transcript (A page that describes the grading scale in English is also needed.)
  3. Letter of Recommendation (Faculty)
  4. Certificate of Enrollment  (Faculty)
  5. Certificate of Health [Download : CertificateOfHealth]
  6. A photocopy of the applicant’s passport identification page
    (Identification page with applicant’s photo and name)
  7. A photograph of the applicant (JPEG file, the aspect ratio must be 3:4.)
  8. Application form for JASSO scholarship (only qualified applicants)
    JASSO scholarship information [Download : JASSO_Scholarship_Information]
    JASSO scholarship Application form [Download: JASSO_ApplicationForm]
  9. A photocopy of certificate of language proficiency
    DEEP (Undergraduates) : JLPT N1 or equivalent
    DEEP (Graduates) : JLPT N1, equivalent score in Japanese or score from any English language proficiency test

Deadline :

Fall: 28th January 2016
Spring: 20th October 2016

Please send all documents above in 2 Copies to Kantor Urusan International UGM (Bulaksumur, F13)